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Haunted By You
Sleep Well Tonight
Fighting Fit
Speak To Me Someone
For The Dead
We Could Be Kings
Your Love, It Lies
Where Are They Now?
As Good As It Gets
London, Can You Wait?
Truth, Rest Your Head
Still Can't Find The Phone
Fill Her Up
A Car That Sped
Be My Light, Be My Guide
We'll Find Our Own Way
To The City
Save Me, I'm Yours
The British Disease
You'll Never Walk Again
Love Won't Work
New Amusements
Long Sleeves For The Summer
I Can't Help Myself
In Love With Love
Why I Was Born
The Accidental
Something In The Water
Don't Let Me Down
Voice Of The Father
I Love You, What Are You?
The Looker
Sub Rosa
Little Child
Town Called Malice
Her Fifteen Years
Drawn To The Deep End
I Can't Decide If She Really Loves Me
To See The Lights
The Police Will Never Find You
Sick, Sober & Sorry
Child's Body
This Is Not My Crime
How Much For Love
Do You Want To Hear It From Me