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Albums by this artist:

Aqua Vitae
Dream Chasers
Passion of Victory
New Beginnings
Reign Of Vengeance
Victory of Life
The Swashbuckler and Fair Maiden
Voyage to Atlantis
Eternal Love
A Hero Will Rise
Welcome To Your Fantasy
Once In A Lifetime
World of Dreams
Time Keepers
Sin and Restitution
Divinus Consensio
Anthem of the World
With Great Power
Final Judgement
Rise of the Machines
Gods and Demons
Quest for Freedom
Flight of the Imagination
Damnum et Triumphus
The Divine Truth
Heart of Fury
The Call of Midnight
Allegiance to the World
Journey to the Magical Kingdom
Immortal Empire
Dreamscapes and Wishes
Battle of Babylon
Flight of the Dreamers
Spiritual Awakening
Miracle of Flight
Oceans of Time
Final Seconds
Rise of the Hero
Mystical Worlds
A Winter Fairytale
Attack Of The Titans
The Epic Assassin
Messengers of Destruction
24 Hours til Doomsday