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Albums by this artist:

Sword of Faith
Blessed Curse
Agnus Dei
Holy Poison
Breathing Wounds
White Stone
Jesus Saves!
Sun of Hope
A New Light
Across the Qliphoth
Perdition's Light
Realm of Plagues
Anti-Flesh Nimbus
Living Temples
Circle of Eyes
Anathema Maranatha
Bread to Stone
In Manus Tuas
Funeral Mist
Bringer of Terror
Nightside Phantom
The Devil's Emissary
The God Supreme
Naught but Death
In Nomine Domini
Shedding Skin
Pallor Mortis
Within the Without
Hellspell 2
Realm of Shades
The Old Ones Grin
Agnus Déi
Dreams of a Time Before Time
In Black Silence
In the Shadows I Wait
Infernal Atavism
Realm of Shades - Demo 1996
Hellspell - Demo 1996
Nightside Phantom - Demo 1996
The Old Ones Grin - Demo 1996
Perdition´s Light
Breathing Wound
Hellspell (Demo 1996)
Realm of Shades (Demo 1996)
Hellspell (Bonus Track)