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Albums by this artist:

Facing The Sun
Kings in Exile
Layer Cake - Original Mix
Right in the Dark
Amy Was a Player
Wes - Original Mix
Was Right Been Wrong
Sky And Sand
Back Home
Wichita Lineman
Simple Sample Action
Arms of Mine
Back Home - Radio Edit
Sideways & Avenues
Interlude 1
Out of the Box Office
Last Call
Interlude 2
Interlude 4
In This Game - Radio Edit
Stormy Weather
Kings & Queens
What I Can Say
Willing - Original Mix
Get A Life
Kruppzeug - Fritz Kalkbrenner Remix
Layer Cake
Don't You Say
Little By Little
Pass The Buck
Good Things
Easin' In
One Of These Days
Make Me Say
Facing The Sun - Original Mix
Sky And Sand - Radio Edit
Fake Magic
Heart Of The City
Pitch Perfect
Get a Life - Original Mix