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Albums by this artist:

The Power of Love
Welcome to the Pleasuredome
Relax - 7" Mix
Warriors of the Wasteland
The World is My Oyster
Ferry Cross the Mersey
Watching the Wildlife
Black Night White Light
Relax - Original 7”
For Heaven's Sake
The Only Star in Heaven
The Ballad of 32
Relax (Come Fighting)
Wish the Lads Were Here
Relax - New York Mix
Relax (New York Mix)
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome
Wish (The Lads Were Here)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome - Escape Act Video Mix
Two Tribes (Apollo Four Forty mix)
The World Is My Oyster (Including Well / Snatch Of Fury)
War (And Hide)
Welcome to the Pleasuredome (Escape Act Video mix)
Is Anybody Out There?
Relax - Sex Mix Edition 3
The Power Of Love (12" version) - 12" version
The World Is My Oyster (including Well, Snatch of Fury)
Welcome To The Pleasuredome - Pleasurefix Mix
Two Tribes (For the Victims of Ravishment)
Relax (Sex Mix)
The Power Of Love (Rob Searle Club Mix)
Two Tribes - Annihilation Mix
Relax (Lockout's Radio Edit)