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Albums by this artist:

Free Animal
In the Shadows
Loud Magic
Call off the Dogs
Chakra Daemon
Wake Me Up
The Apartment
Used To You
Better For It
The Therapist
Everything is Good Now
Don't Use My Name
I Believe
Dum Dum
Ultra Mega Love
I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing (In Perfect Harmony)
Wake Me Up (Honors Remix)
Everything is Good Now Foreign Air (Main)
Call Of The Dogs
Free Animal( OST Shameless 7/1)
In the Shadows
Free Animal | FM4 Connected
Free Animal (Shameless)
Lying [LDN // 008]
Free Animal | FM4 Morning Show
Chakra Daemon (Original Mix)
Free Animal (scream)
Foreign Air - Loud Magic
Lying (8D Great)
Free Animal( OST Бесстыжие 7/1)
The Apartement
In The Shadows | FM4 Connected
Foreign Air - Caffeine
In The Shadow
Foreign Air - Everything Is Good Now
Foreign Air - In The Shadows
Foreign Air - Free Animal (Official Video)
Lying (Official Audio)
Chakra Daemon (Official Audio)
Lying | FluxFM - Die Alternative im Radio.
Free Animal (3:00)
Free Animal( OST Shameless 71)
Free Animal | FM4 Reality Check