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Albums by this artist:

Harry Dolland's
Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers)
Shore Patrol
American Visions
Mutant Barrymore
Gradeschool Fantasy
On The Twist
Harry Dolland's.
Live Ones
Club Molluska
Fluffy Lumbers, Harry Dolland's.
04 04 Adoration
Fluffy Lumbers - Adoration
Virginia Beach
Back In The World
Rose Quartz Mix
Day Of The Dachshund
Cruisers, Pt. 2 (Police Cruisers)
Back In The World (Reprise)
04 04 04 Adoration
Night Moves
Cruisers Pt. 2 (Police Cruiser
Spaced Out
Harry Dollands
Van Saun Park
04 04 04 04 Adoration
No Eyelids
99 Cents
Dance Parties
Jacqueline Onassis
Rice In The Oven
Christmas Calculator
A Younger Model; Revisited
Row Row Row
Cruisers Pt.2 (Police Cruisers)
Cruisers Pt 2 (Police Cruisers)
Fluffy Lumbers - Cruisers
Adoration - Fluffy Lumbers
Harry Dolland's]
Cruisers Pt. 2
Vulpes Of The Wood