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Albums by this artist:

Sligo Reel
The Tortoise and The Hare
Wrong Foot Forward
Gone Fishing
Road to Errogie
Asturian Way
Happy Jigs
Mouse Jigs
Souter Creek
Eb Reels
The Gentle Giant
On One Beautiful Day
Pod: Baldy Hollow
G.D.'s: Pressed For Time
Pod: The Empty Pod
Granny: Granny in the Attic
Branholm/Trip to Herve's
Rosbeg: Suaimhneas Intinne
Beehive: The Beehive / Poon Hill / Vladimir's Steamboat
Granny: Blue Ball / The False Proof
Larry: Kalamantinos
Glass: Glass Polska
G.D.'S: Hooper's Loop
Rosbeg: Rosbeg
Larry: Larry Get Out of the Bin / Elzic's Farewell
Ballybrolly Jigs - The North Star / The Ghost of Ballybrolly / Mulineira de Santalla d'Ozcos
Ellie Goes West
Eflat Reels
The Dub Reel
Reel for Rubik / Toward the Sun
Brian's Reel / Peter's Epic Journey
Natterjack - Ramnee Ceilidh / Natterjack's Reel / Conlágh's Big Day
In Another Life
The History Man
Ballybrolly Jigs: The North Star/The Ghost of Ballybrolly/Mulineira de Santalla d'Ozcos
Tuatha De Danan
Ballybrolly Jigs
Companion Star / The Coral Castle
The Crystal Year / Foxes' Rock
Natterjack: Ramnee Ceilidh/Natterjack's Reel/Conlágh's Big Day
Branohm / Trip to Hervé's
Knocknamoe Jig / Custy's / Trip to Brittany