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Albums by this artist:

Soft Music Under Stars
Place De LA Concorde
The Bugs Will Bite
Slow Light
The Sheriff
Heat Death Of The Universe
Dervish Controller
Nature Boy
A Zed and two L's
Harmonicas Are Shite
Snakeskin Bib
Billy Goat Groupies
Spill The Beans (Richard Dorfmeister's Flyin' Dub Mix)
The New Cannonball
Throwing down a shape
Throw Up Your Hands feat. Djinji Brown
We Build Arks
At Home in Space
Subtle Body
Pots & Pans
6ft Wasp
Airlock Homes
Kingsblood Royale
Pots and Pans
Extract of Pineal Gland
Little Dipper
Motown Coppers
Rustic Bellyflop
Ridden pony
Snake Ranger
Swann Todd
Mother Nature's Spies
Lieut. Gingivitis Shit
Sidearms & Parsnips
Dave Yang & Steve Yin De-Swish T' Swish
President Chimp Toe
Spill The Beans
Pollo De Palo
The Speewah
Apehorn Concerto
The Great Attractor