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Albums by this artist:

Soft Music Under Stars
Place De LA Concorde
The Bugs Will Bite
Slow Light
The Sheriff
Heat Death Of The Universe
Dervish Controller
Nature Boy
Harmonicas Are Shite
Snakeskin Bib
A Zed and two L's
Billy Goat Groupies
Spill The Beans (Richard Dorfmeister's Flyin' Dub Mix)
The New Cannonball
Throwing down a shape
Throw Up Your Hands feat. Djinji Brown
We Build Arks
At Home in Space
Subtle Body
Pots & Pans
6ft Wasp
Airlock Homes
Kingsblood Royale
Pots and Pans
Extract of Pineal Gland
Little Dipper
Motown Coppers
Rustic Bellyflop
Ridden pony
Snake Ranger
Swann Todd
Mother Nature's Spies
Sidearms & Parsnips
Lieut. Gingivitis Shit
President Chimp Toe
Dave Yang & Steve Yin De-Swish T' Swish
Spill The Beans
Pollo De Palo
The Speewah
Apehorn Concerto
The Great Attractor