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Albums by this artist:

When I Let Go
Into The Woods
Fire on the mountain
We Are
New Again
Set Sails
Four Years (In One Day)
Leave Me To The Moon
Carry You
promise, (From the Original Netflix Series "Home For Christmas")
If We Ever Find The Right Place
When I Let Go - Live In Oslo
Oh, My Love (feat. Thomas Dybdahl)
Life Of Pi
Life of Pi - Live In Oslo
Life of Pi (Live In Oslo)
Oh, My Love
Fire In The Mountain Demo
Julelåta til Fay
Fire On The Mountain (live hos Christine på NRK P3)
into the woods (demo)
Fire on the Mountain - demo
into the woods demo
Heritage (Album)
Home - aka. Eple (new demo)
03 - Fay Wildhagen - Lionheart_NOAGW1500161_48k_24b
Fay Wildhagen - Fire On The Mountain
07 - Fay Wildhagen - We Are_NOAGW1500185_48k_24b
05 - Fay Wildhagen - Snow_NOAGW1500180_48k_24b
06 - Fay Wildhagen - Four Years (In One Day)_NOAGW1500179_48k_24b
08 - Fay Wildhagen - If We Ever Find The Right Place_NOAGW1500182_48k_24b
Fay Wildhagen - We Are
Headlights (live hos Christine på NRK P3)
01 - Fay Wildhagen - Into The Woods_NOAGW1500177_48k_24b
Fire On The Mountain (demo)
Carry You (Album)