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Albums by this artist:

Life Will Change
Beneath the Mask
Last Surprise
Tristram Village (From "Diablo II")
Blooming Villain
Will Power
The Poem for Everyone's Souls
Rough Trail
The Edge of Dawn
Through the Fire and Flames
Red Like Roses, Pt. 2
Battle! Rival Trainer (Johto Version)
Fodlan Winds
Snake Eater
Octopath Traveler Main Theme
Super Mario World Castle Theme
Pokémon Sword & Shield Gym Leader Battle
Super Mario Bros. Theme
Wii Sports Theme
Layer Cake (from "Persona 5") - Metal Version
Tristram Village
Decisive Battle II
Seymour Battle
BFG Division
Battle I
Butterfly Kiss
Enveloped in Kindness
The Only Thing They Fear Is You
Battle at Journey's End
Olberic, The Warrior
Mii Channel
Banjo Kazooie Final Battle
Marnie's Theme
E1M1 at Doom's Gate
House Building Theme
Battle II
Daughter of the Dark God
Decisive Battle I
Cyrus, the Scholar
Tressa, The Merchant
Primrose, The Dancer
Sight of Spira (From "Final Fantasy X")
Face My Fears
Those Who Fight
Blue Skies and a Battle
A Settlement in the Red Bluffs
Ophilia, The Cleric