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Albums by this artist:

Pity the Weak
Last But Not Least
The Fall of Efrafa
Republic Of Heaven
Fu Inlé
A Soul to Bare
Dominion Theology
The Burial
Beyond the Veil
The Sky Suspended
The Warren of Snares
For El Ahrairah To Cry
No Longer Human
a soul to bear
No Longer Human (Bonus)
Dominion Theology (by Paper Aeroplane)
For El-ahrairah To Cry
No Longer Human - Bonus Track
Elil (Full Album)
Beyond the Veil (bastard son of a bastard god)
02 Fu Inlé
For Ella a Ra to cry
Chapter 01 00
No longer human (bonus track)
For El Ahraihrah To Cry (I)
Chapter 01 01
For El Ahraihrah To Cry (II)
Hidden Track
Chapter 01 02
Owsla (Full Album)
Chapter 01 03
Chapter 01 05
Chapter 01 04
01 - Intro
04 - Lament
Chapter 01 06