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This Is War 2 (Piltover vs Zaun) [feat. AntiRivet, Badministrator, Lunity, Stephanos Rex, LilyPichu and Nicki Taylor]
This Is War 3 - Shadow Isles vs. The Void (part 2)
Tentakill (feat. Nicki Taylor)
This Is War 5 - This Is Wardles (feat. Falconshield, LilyPichu, Jaynee, The Yordles, Rawb, Popushi & Nicki Taylor)
This Is War 3 - Shadow Isles vs. The Void (Part one) [feat. AntiRivet, Blakinola, Nicki Taylor, Keyori & Rawb]
This Is War 4 - Freljord
This Is War 1 (Noxus vs Demacia) [feat. AntiRivet, Rawb, LilyPichu and Draggles]
Arcane Shift (feat. Mike Luciano)
This Is War 6
Super Mega Death Team
Get Dunked (feat. Nicki Taylor)
This Is War 2: Piltover vs Zaun (Original LoL song *COLLAB*)
I Make Death Fun
Kill! Drink! Kill!
Shadow Arcade 2 (feat. Kiandymundi, Nicki Taylor, Rawb & Lily Pichu)
Rise Again feat. Tessie
Blood Moon (feat. Nicki Taylor & Annchirisu)
This Is War: Noxus vs Demacia
River King (feat. Sonny Williams)
Glorious Evolution (feat. Joe Atlan)
Laughs Converging
The Pact (feat. Nicki Taylor)
This Is War 3: Shadow Isles vs The Void (part one)
Murder Of Crows
Skirmish - Shadow Arcade (feat. Nicki Taylor))
This Is War 2
The Hunt Is On
Tides of Blood
Here Comes The Sun
One Must Fall
Grave Digger
Skirmish - Smash (feat. Blakinola, Nicki Taylor, Stephanos Rex, Sky Williams, Rawb, Kyle Wolfzehn, Keyori, Lilypichu & TheJoopis)
Gragas Drinking Song
Blade of the Highlander
This Is War 3 (volume 2): Shadow Isles vs. The Void
Too Stronk
Skirmish - Elise 6
No Mercy
Someone Like Me (feat. The Yordles & Nicki Taylor)
My Domain
Shadow Isles feat. SolarStrings
Shurima Will Survive
Final Clash
Blades in the Dark
Why Am I Here?