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Albums by this artist:

Definitely Maybe
Moment Of Truth
Girl Of The Year
The Next Big Thing
Something To Believe In
Take Me As I Am
Nice Piece Of Art
Six Candles
Flop Culture
America's Next Freak
Crazy Mary
Three Days Later
The Notion
Waste Of Time
What It Feels Like
The Video Store
Hold Me Twice
All The Days
My First Stereo
Sometimes You Can Forget Who You Are
Man Watcha Doin?
Boy Moves To A New Town With Optimistic Outlook
The Unavoidable Battle Of Feeling On The Outside
Boy Meets Girl (And Vice Versa)
Hey Now
Dear God
The Shindig (Off To College)
Her Father's Song
My Brain Says STOP, But My Heart Says GO
Christmas Shoes
The Voyage Of Beliefs
Last Train Home
Lost In You
Black Tattoo
(Hey) I Want It
Inside Out
Cinnamon & Lipstick
U Don't Know Me Like That
The Voyage Of Beliefs (feat. Tricia from Superchick)
Breaking Me Again
Snow Miser
Secret song
Three Days Later (Fm Static Album Version)
Three Days Later - Fm Static Album Version
Crazy Mary - Fm Static Album Version