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Albums by this artist:

Bedlam Attack
Kill To Live
Eternal Woe
The Underminer
Fit For A King
Bait and Bleed
Pandemic Rage
Not What It Seems
The Winner Has Lost
As The World Fell
Second to None
Vulture and the Traitor
Digitus Medius
Waiting for Death
Soldier of No Fortune
Total Death
Down to Mars to Ride
Black Survival
Hubris Fall
Silent Assassin
Midas In Reverse
Dead Dawn
Gospel of the Horns
Torment Remains
Back To The Front [FULL ALBUM] 2014
I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive
Through The Eyes Of The Gods
Back At the Funny Farm
Bowels of Earth
To Eternal Night
Dead Dawn (Demo 2015 Version) (Bonus Track)
Maul 'Em Mash And Maim (Demo 2015 Version) (Bonus Track)
Back To The Front