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Albums by this artist:

When You Love Someone
Blue Day
I Don't Remember
Baby It's You
Living With Pirates
Before You Sleep
Liburan Indie
Wish You Were Here
A Thousand Candles Lighted
Catch The Windblows
Dreams Interlude
Uncle Jim
Take Me Home
Kou Kou the Fisherman
Midnight Sun
Monkey Song
Untuk Dikenang
Mirror Spell
It's Gone
Tuimbe (let's sing)
The King
Sunshine of the Good Time
Long-Lost Friend
Just Tonight
Ruang Bahagia (From the Film "Athirah")
Mimpi takkan berlari
Silence Island
Menua Bersama
Alone In The Loneliness
No Tears From My Eyes
Seluas Harapan
Somewhere In Between
Hypergalaxy Intro
Cinta Dalam Kardus
Gone Forever
Sun Goes Down
I' Dont Remember
For a Minute
Sahabatku Tiada Duanya
Perfect Afternoon
When You Love Someone @
You And I
Kuingin Kembali
Derita Dan Cerita