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Albums by this artist:

The Homeless Wanderer
The Last Tears of a Deceased
The Mad Man's Laughter
a young girl's complaint
Ballad of the Spirits
The Song of the Sea
The Jordan River Song
The Story of the Wind
The Garden of Gethesemanie
Tenkou Why Feel Sorry
The Song of Abayi
Tenkou! Why Feel Sorry?
Ballad of the Spirits - Piano
tenkou! why feel sorry
A young girl's compaint
Tenkou! Why we feel sorry?
Ballad of the Spirits (Piano)
Homeless Wanderer
Kulun Mankwalèsh
Atawurulegu Léla
Story Of The Wind
Fetsum Denq Ledj Nèsh
Garden Of Gethesemanie
Jordan River Song
the garden of gethsemanie
Thelast tears of deceased
The Last Tears Of The Deceased
Last Tears Of A Deceased
Young Girl's Complaint
Mad Man's Laughter
A Young Girls Complaint
15 Evening Breeze
tenkou ! Why feel sorry ?