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Albums by this artist:

The Floating Bed
Self-portrait with Hair Down
The Journey
Still Life
Portrait of Lupe
The Suicide of Dorothy Hale
The Departure
La Cavalera
Burning Bed
Drive To Bohemia
Alcoba Azul
The Spirit Within (Voice)
Billie's Arrest
Loves in the Dunes
Phone Call To Billie
Plane To Chicago
Gold Coast Restaurant
A Batman Overture
Libera Me
Coyacan and Variations
The Phantom Plains
Lestat's Tarantella
Lestat's Recitative
Madeleine's Lament
Santiago's Waltz
Claudia's Allegro Agitato
Escape to Paris
Race to Old New York
Scent Of Death
Armand's Seduction
Plantation Pyre
Born To Darkness Part I
Abduction & Absolution
Armand Rescues Louis
The Spirit Within
Louis' Revenge
Marche Funebre
Burn It Blue
Winged Serpent
Zeus Cannon
Theatre Des Vampires
Dead Rain
Music for Dialogues
A Child Recalled