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Albums by this artist:

Pon De River Pon De Bank
Willie Bounce
Log On
Nuh Linga
Elephant Message
Drop Dead
Bad Man A Bad Man
All Out
Egyptian Dance
Genie Dance
Pon De River, Pon De Bank
Signal De Plane
Dance and Sweep
Bring It
Give Her It Good
Watchie Pum
Tall Up Tall Up
Truth Hurts
Bad Man
Shizzle Ma Nizzle
Walk Out
In Jamaica
On Line
Replacement Killer
Real Gangstas
Higher Level
Fan Dem Off
Gangster Rock
The Bombing
Chiney Ting
Ready Fi Di Video
Who U Think U Is
Pan The River Pan The Banks
Mexican Girl
Bun Fi Bun
Gal Bruk
Sesame Street
Let Me Be The Man
No Hail Mi
Nuh Come Fast
Bun Bad Mind
Nah Gwan A Jamaica
Indian Gal
Dutty Wine
Jook Gal