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Albums by this artist:

Mucky Star
Get Yourself
Pleasure Seeker
Calling you
My Home
Don't Go
No. 19
Star Struck
You're My Kind
Big One
Mucky Star (Instrumental Version)
Starstruck (Revisited)
Mucky star instrumental
Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zinger..
Pleasure Seeker - Earl Zingers Out In The Barn Remix
Pleasure Seeker vs Me & I
Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zinger's Out in the Barn remix)
Mucky Star (Original Mix)
Mucky Star (Marek Goldman Remix)
Mucky Star - Original Mix
Mucky Star Instr. Edit
Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zinger Remix)
Pleasure Seeker vs. Me & I
You're My Kind - Original Mix
Pleasure Seeker (Earl Zingers Out In the Barn Remix)
Mucky Star (Original Mix) - Original Mix
Get Yourself (Original Mix)
Pleasure Seeker Vs. Me & I - 2012 DJ Edit
mucky star (dub)
B1 - Star Struck
Pleasure Seeker (Full-HD)
Don't Go - Original Mix
B2 - Vexed
a1 - pleasure seeker
Pleasure Seeker Earl Zinger
Mucky Star (instr.)
Mucky Star (Condra Remix)
a1 dont go
Don't Go (Original Mix)
Elektrochemie - Mucky Star
When I Rock
Your'e My Kind
You're My Kind (Original Mix)
Calling You - Original Mix