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Albums by this artist:

Yellow Storm
Opening Theme
Jump Into the Battlefield
Sacred Ground
Dynasty Warriors
Against All Odds
Rough Play
Divine Wind
Power and Glory
Straight Ahead
Look Back on Your Way
Killing Time
In Full Bloom
The Wall Of Fate
Dark Angel
Cry for Wind
Avenging Battle
In Flames
Suprise Attack
Hall of Warriors
The Boundless Ground
Can't Quit This
Run, Run, Run
Bloodshed To Repeat
Parade Of Death
Heavy Gauge
Lu Bu's Theme
Great Red Spirit
The Verge of Despair
Desperate Scheme
Friend Or Foe
Dancing Wizard
Chase The Wave
Endless Fight
The Road To...
Here We Go
Long Time Ago
Welcome To China
Dance Macabre
The man named dragon
Look Alive!