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Albums by this artist:

Another Missing Link
The Drive
'She's Our Friend and She's Crazy!'
Christmas Tree
Funky Ford Cortina
Never Been To Meath
Born Greasy
32 Counties
Stare At The Sun Accoustic
'Accident or not'
Where Do You Go To, You're Ugly
Christmas In Dublin
Patrica The Stripper
Fairytale Of New York
Love Is...
Heatens (Dustin Remix)
An Ending, A Beginning
The Drive (Stone's Mix)
Rat Trap
Stillorgan 90210
Spend The Night In Bray
I'm 2 Sexy
Get By With a Little Help From my Friends
U2 Medley
Dustin Bus
Good Looking Woman
Sweet Caroline
Spanish Lady
Bull Island
Don't Blame The Culchies
Viva Costa Del Sol
Thumbin' Home Now
The Mad Turkey
Walk This Way
Come Through
Come Back Zig And Zag
We Move Lightly
Queen Medley
Shelbourne Shetland Pony
Duet With Bono
The Ballad Of Eddie Hobbs
I'll Tell Me Ma
Hardtime (Brian Scibinico Extended Mix)
True Christmas