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Is It Any Wonder?
Can't Keep My Cool
How Can I Be Sure
Listen to Your Heart
What I Know About You
I Can't Do Without You - Live from Bloomington, IN
Don’t You Know (feat. Aaron Frazer)
Make a Change - Live from Bloomington, IN
Should I Take You Home - Live from Bloomington, IN
Can't Keep My Cool - Live from Bloomington, IN
Dedicated to You - Live from Boston, MA
Groovy Babe - Live from Bloomington, IN
Is It Any Wonder? - Live from Boston, MA
Now I'm Gone - Live from Boston, MA
Smile - Live from Boston, MA
Giving Up - Live from Boston, MA
I Can't Do Without You (Live from Bloomington, IN)
Make a Change (Live from Bloomington, IN)
Can't Keep My Cool (Live from Bloomington, IN)
Groovy Babe (Live from Bloomington, IN)
Dedicated to You (Live from Boston, MA)
Should I Take You Home (Live from Bloomington, IN)
Is It Any Wonder? (Live from Boston, MA)
Smile (Live from Boston, MA)
Now I'm Gone (Live from Boston, MA)
Giving Up (Live from Boston, MA)
Power To The People (Demo)
Is It Any Wonder? - 8/28/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY
Is It Any Wonder? (Live from Boston) (MA)