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Albums by this artist:

I Got U
Ocean Drive
Won't Look Back
Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E)
Real Life
Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E) (Radio Edit)
Red Light Green Light
The Giver
The Power
The Giver - Original Mix
The Giver (Reprise) - Reprise
Be Here
The Giver (Reprise)
Love Song
I Got U (feat. Jax Jones)
Need U (100%) [feat. A*M*E] [Radio Edit]
Let Me Go
I Got U ft. Jax Jones
Won't Look Back - Radio Edit
Ocean Drive - Extended Mix
Runway - For Club Play Only, Pt. 5
No Money Blues feat. Extra Curricular - Original Mix
I Got U (Original Mix)
Let Me Go - Cerrone Remix
I Got U - Bondax Remix
Ocean Drive - Michael Calfan Remix
Ocean Drive - Purple Disco Machine Remix
When I Hear Music
Robert Talking
Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E) - Radio Edit
Red Light Green Light - For Club Play Only, Pt. 6
Street Walker
Won't Look Back - Duke Dumont Dub
The Giver (Original Mix)
Real Life - Acoustic
Won't Look Back (radio edit)
Need U (100%) [feat. A*M*E] [Original Mix]
The Fear
The Power - Leftwing : Kody Remix
Ocean Drive - Hayden James Remix
I Got U - Radio Edit
Ocean Drive - Shaun Frank Remix
Lean n' bounce