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Albums by this artist:

Stoned Immaculate
Wadada (Means Love)
Jamaican Proverb
One In A Billion
Dubbing Is a Must
Roots Commandment
Health Food
Higher Than High
No Bed Of Roses
Night Train
Forward Not Back
Wadada (Means Love) Part 2
Glory To God
No Dog Barks
Time (version)
Sound Clash
Sizzle Bud
Hey Ho
Well Tuned Now
More And More
Dubbing Psycho Thriller
Forever More
Each Breath I Take
Greater David
King of Sound and Blues
Fight The Power
Not a Word
More Kaya
Hey Geoff
Wake Up
Walking Jerusalem
African Landing
private i
Kingston 14
Yes It's Bless
Well Tuned Now Part 2
Wake Dem Up
Hard & Tuff
Guns & Cocaine Crime
The Show Is Coming
Nothing Comes Easy
2001 Love
Green Stick
Well Cold