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Piri (Color Coded Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사)
Piri (Color CodedEng/Rom/Han/가사)
SCREAM Live Version (Flat EQ/RAW Vocals)
Deja Vu (데자부)
날아올라 (Fly High)
데자부 (Deja Vu)┃Cover by Raon Lee
Fly High (날아올라)
GOOD NIGHT (Instrumental)
Which A Star (어느 별)
Before & After (Intro)
YOU AND I Dance Practice (Mirrored)
데자부 (Deja Vu)
Can't get you out of my mind
Daydream (백일몽)
Welcome To Dream (Intro)
Deja Vu (데자부) Piano Cover
Emotion (소원 하나)
'Over the Sky (하늘을 넘어)'[HAN/ROM/ENG] (Color Coded 가사)
July 7th (약속해 우리) (Color Coded Han