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Albums by this artist:

Procession Of Pain
Hail Infernal Darkness
Genocide Advocacy
Blood Of A Million Martyrs
Escape To Cremation
Bind, Torture, Kill
Nightghoul Of The Graveyards
Embrace of Darkness
Kill for My Master
Nefarious Rites
Incinerated Faithful
Stabwound Invocation
The Ovens Await
Feeding Hell's Furnace
Until They Cease to Bleed
Worshippers of Total Death
A Forest of Gore
Sickness redeemer
A World in Ashes
Necrophile Decapitator
Merciless hammer of Lucifer
On the Death Farm
Mutilated Offerings
Sodomized and Butchered
Under the Chainsaw
Predatory Strangulation
A final solution
Ravage the Cadaver
Abyss Behind My Gaze
Wiped from the Earth
Funeral pyres of annihilation
Horde of Leviathan
Ministry of Torture
Horned Shadows Rise
Bloodbath of renewal
The Hills Run Red
Return of the Black Death
Suffer A Traitor's Fate
Machete Bloodbath
Artisan of Mutilation
Cyanide sacrament
Sodomy and heresy
Cryptic Consecrations
No Absolution
Deliverance to the Worms
Faith in decay
Orgiastic Feast of Excremental Blasphemy (Perversion Glorified)
Show No Mercy