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Albums by this artist:

Strangely Strange But Oddly Normal
Dark Haired Lady
Strings In The Earth And Air
Summer Breeze
On The West Cork Hack
Sign On My Mind
Frosty Mornings
A Tale Of Two Orphanages
Ship Of Fools
Dr Dim And Dr Strange
Ballad of the Wasps
Donnybrook Fair
Kilmanoyadd Stomp
I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
Jove Was At Home
When Adam Delved
Gave My Love an Apple
Mary Malone of Moscow
Dark-Haired Lady
Goodnight My Friends
Dr. Dim & Dr. Strange
Many Malone of Moscow
Existence Now
Mirror Mirror
Going To Poulaphouca
Horse Of A Different Hue
Sweet Red Rape
Halcyon Days
Lady Of The Glen
The Invisible Kid
Le Le Rockin Sound
Hms Avenger
Good Evening Mr Woods
Darksome Burn
The James Gang
Planxty Roland
Hames And Traces
The Heat Came Down
Too Much of a Good Thing
Hard As Nails
Whatever Happened To The Blues
Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (Kip Version)
Strange World