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Albums by this artist:

Chaos Apparition
Chasm Of Oceanus
Spectral Domination
Vault of Membros
Lost in the Burial Fog
Purulent Quest
Of A Past Forlorn
Towards The Megalith
The Manifestation
The Graveless Remains
Sempiternal Deformity
Unwept In Oblivion
And The Dawn Of Life Arises
Sardo d.o.c. (Disma Version)
Sardo d.o.c. - Disma Version
Unwept in Oblivion (Alternative Mix)
The Dawn Of Life Arises
The Manifestation (Live)
Vault of membros (Live)
Chaos Apparition (Live)
Chaos Apparation
Lost in the Burial Fog (Live)
Towards The Megalith - Lost In The Burial Fog (6:06)
System From Hell
Towards The Megalith - Chaos Apparition (4:35)
Towards The Megalith - Spectral Domination (4:38)
Burden Our Life
Janji Kosong
Chaos Apparition [Soma Degenerate Radio Show, NYC]
Vault Of Membros [Soma Degenerate Radio Show, NYC]
Lost In The Burial Fog [Soma Degenerate Radio Show, NYC]
No More Reality
State Curfew
Impact Of War (Intro)
Dark Paradise
Towards The Megalith - Chasm Of Oceanus (7:12)
Towards The Megalith - Vault Of Membros (6:26)
Disma - Unwept In Oblivion (Alternative Mix)
The Manifestation [Soma Degenerate Radio Show, NYC]
03. Spectral Domination
Towards The Megalith - Of A Past Forlorn (6:03)
Lost In Burial Fog
The Vault Of Membros (full demo)
Lost in a Burial Fog
Towards The Megalith - Purulent Quest (4:37)
Sardo d.o.c.
A Nightmare For Today