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Albums by this artist:

Tuning Land (Radio Edit)
Shakin' Minimix (Dezembro)
Batidown (Partysmartie Remix)
Style-a-holic Megamix #1
Like A Jungle (DJ Set 19-11-2009)
Vive La Musique Minimix (out 2009)
Mixtape june 2010
Style-a-holic Megamix #5 (May2010)
Style-a-holic Megamix #3
Style-a-holic Mixtape #4 (Março)
Mixtape for Metalectro blog
LIVE 27-11-2008
Style-a-holic Megamix #4
Style-a-holic Mixtape Fev2010
Everybody UP! (La Musique D'Ordinateur Remix)
In The House (DJ Set)
Style-a-holic Megamix #2
The Top
Shakin' Minimix + Mixtape
Style-a-holic Mixtape nº1
Mixtape For Killer Noise
Muy Loco En Argentina (Mixtape Julho 2010)
Sounds Of Apocalypse (june 2012 mixtape)
Style-a-holic Carnaval 2010 Mixtape
Jingle Bells From Hell (Santa Claus Is Drunk)
Fidget Is My House (DJ Set 7-2009)
Fill Rusty - Back To My Soul (Dirty Noise Remix)
Batidown (Krftkds Remix)
Stereolize Mixtape #1
Style-a-holic Mixtape Abril 2010)
Xmas Mixtape
Shakin' Minimix (junho)
Kaos Radio Intro
Jingle Bells From Hell (2012)
Disco Banger Mixtape
Kaos Radio (Especial Meltdown Music Festival)
Style-a-holic Mixtape (july 2010)
Batidown (Original Mix)
Ich kann dir meine Banana geben
Disco Banger Mixtape (fev2011)
Mixtape july 2011
Batidown (krftkds GD Rmx)
Punch Balls (Grooveduds Remix) PREVIEW
Punch Balls (Original Mix) PREVIEW
Rolling In The Deep
Emo boys cut their veins for fun
Trash Mix 6 (live at home)