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Hi I'm James
Pork Pie
Me & You
Plenty More Piss in the Toilet
Posse Gang Eight Million
Return of the Twat
Morph Into Any Shape
Isleham Swamp
Full Colour Dreams
Little Mr. Grin and Bare
Yeah I Act Like a Freak
Never Seen a Reason
The Agitated
Ladies an Gentlemen
Future Posse Cut One Thousand
Typical Daze
Permanent Midnight
Where Is Scissor Tongue
What D'you Expect
Catch Me If You... Nah
From the Future
Decible Dike
Self Portrait
Average Wank Fam
There He Goes - That Look in His Eye
I Ain't Got a Clue
Alcoholic Tosser
Crystal Cindy
He's Getting Judged Like An Idiot
New Street
Blow Ya Own
The Hog Roast Intermission
Rapping Over Silence
You Can Sing Till You're Blind
Doo doo doo
All Things Considered
Rex 01
Mallory & Josephine
Fuckpig Sloshpots
Great Attempt
Hold My Hands
The Lamb Shank Intermission
Caustic Soda