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Crazy Dazy
thomas the rhymer
Catch The Wind
Armagiddean War Games
Dandelion Countdown (Pictures In Your Mind)
Nerva Beacon Infrastructure and T-Mat Couch (From "The Ark in Space")
The Planet Karn (From "The Brain of Morbius")
Metebelis III Atmosphere (From "Planet of the Spiders")
The Mandragora Helix (From "The Masque of Mandragora")
martian march past
The Planet Karn
The Mandragora Helix
Aggedor's Temple Atmosphere, Peladon
Nerva Beacon Infrastructure And T-Mat Couch
Metebelis III Atmosphere
The Shrine Of The Sisterhood Of Karn
Major Bloodnok's Stomach
Sea Of Mercury
Doctor In Time Tunnel
Bird Nightmare
Cybership Lands, Doors Open
Exploding River Of Mud
Marshmen Emerge From The Mistfall
Enchanted Forest
March Of The Victims
Dodecahedron Beams
Space Rocket Land
Uncanny Expectation
Styre's Scouting Machine
Cloister Bell
Borusa Destroyed
Metebelis III Atmosphere (from 'Planet of the Spiders')
Singing Trees With Dragon Shots And Two Nitro-9 Bombs
Shuttle Landing Sequence
Vardan Materialises And Shimmers
Moments Of Terror
White Guardian's Windbells
TARDIS Interior (Flying, Landing Beep, Stationary, Cloister Bell)
Nightmare Forest
Star Fairies
Reactivation And Laboratory Rises
Threat To Sarah
Fendahl Shuffle And Slobber