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Albums by this artist:

Frontlines (feat. Immortal Technique)
I Don't Wanna Rhyme
Soldier's Logic
Stand By
Behind Bars
Loose Cannon
Right Here
Nicolai Ros to the Goul (Interlude)
Order & Chaos (feat. Ill Bill)
Not Again (feat. Vinnie Paz)
Truth, Part 2
Modern Day Future (feat. Deadly Hunta)
12 Shots (feat. Nate Augustus)
Self Destruction (Outro)
Riot (feat. Deadly Hunta & John Otto)
In Common (feat. Canibus)
Think of That - Instrumental
Diabolical Sound
No Will To Live
From the Astral Plane... Entwined With Infinity
Excisions of Exorcisms
My Turn
My Attitude
Venomous Habitations
Higher (feat. Celph Titled & Swave Sevah)
Feel Ya Pain
Game Time (feat. Sean Price & Vinnie Paz)
Hellish World
Sacrament of fiends
Vengeance Ascending
Ancient hatred
Order & Chaos
All Evils Inside
Piss And Vinegar
Suffolk's Most Wanted (feat. RA the Rugged Man)
Evil in Disguise
Treacherous scriptures
Fightin Words
Alien Manuscript
Grave Warnings
Satanic Barbarism
Extinction Level Event
Spiritual Transition
A.M.E.R.I.C.A. (Truth Part 3)
Modern Day Future