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The One
I Came to Party
girls love to giggle
Let's Get It Crackin'
Help Me
Walk Alone
Nobody Likes Me
I Need You
Here I Come
Don't Speak Bitch
Now You See My Life
Look At Me Now
what i hate most is hiphop
Freaky Now
Bad Attitude
Till I Drop
chinese boy wants to play in a reggae band
I Would Like To Make You Angry As Hell
Story Of A Snitch
Do You Think About Me?
World on Fire
I Came To Party (feat Truth and Travie McCoy)
Thank You
Catch Me If You Can
Deuce Dot Com
Bitch This Is It
Don't Approach Me
Let's Get It Crackin' (Feat. Jeffree Star)
Pull Me Under
My Buddy
Nobody Likes Me (feat Truth and Ronnie Radke)
Call It Love
Hell's Gonna Break Loose
Famous (feat. Gadjet)
It's Alright It's Ok
Gone Tomorrow Here Today
he surely wanted to express his feelings
Best of Me
Senretsu no ryu
I Came To Party (featuring Travie McCoy and Truth)
i am the tiger of asia!
Nobody Likes Me (Featuring Truth and Ronnie Radke)