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Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
Feel the Need in Me
Do Me Right
You're getting too smart
You're Getting A Little Too Smart
You Want It, You Got It
Baby Let Me Take You
You're Gettin' a Little Too Smart
And I Love Her
Whatcha Gonna Wear Tomorrow
You Want It You Got It
Detroit Emeralds
Baby Let Me Take You In My Arms
Feel The Need In Me (Re-recorded)
Feel The Need
Set It Out
Holding On
Long Live The King
I Think of You
Wear This Ring (With Love)
i'll never sail the seas again
Take My Love
Baby let me take you [in my arms]
Feel The Need In Me (12 Promo Only Version)
I'll Never Sail The Sea Again
If I Lose Your Love
My Dreams Have Got The Best Of Me
Till You Decide To Come Home
there's love for me somewhere
I Bet You Get The One You Love
I Bet You Get The One (Who Loves You)
i've got to move on
Youre getting too smart
I Can't Seem To Forget
I Can't See Myself (Doing Without You)
Guess Who's Been Talking
Shake Your Head
I'm Qualified
radio promo
Dance School
Just Now And Then
Yes, I Know I'm In Love
Heaven Couldn't Be Like This
Take It Or Leave It
Love Has Come To Me
Admit Your Love Is Gone
Feel The Need In Me - Inside Disconet Remix
Something You Got