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Albums by this artist:

Curse The Gods
Mad Butcher
Nailed To The Cross
Bestial Invasion
Death Trap
Invincible Force
Release From Agony
Bullets From Hell
Days Of Confusion
Dictators Of Cruelty
Life Without Sense
Strangulated Pride
The Butcher Strikes Back
Sign Of Fear
Meet Your Destiny
Creations Of The Underworld
Thrash Attack
Total Desaster
The Ritual
Godfather Of Slander
Reject Emotions
Thrash Till Death
Confound Games
Unconscious Ruins
Eternal Ban
Let Your Mind Rot
Cracked Brain
The Heretic
United by Hatred
Black Death
Metal Discharge
Confused Mind
Upcoming Devastation
Black Mass
Beyond Eternity
Satan's Vengeance
Machinery Of Lies
Dissatisfied Existence
Tears Of Blood
The Final Curtain
The Ravenous Beast
Soul Collector
Hate Is My Fuel
Thrash 'Til Death
Devil's Soldiers