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Albums by this artist:

Constant Like the Northern Star
Silent Messenger
Deadbeat I
Worlds Apart
My Diamond in the Rough
Secrets of the Future Past
Silence Will Stop Our Hearts
The Bitter Potion
Where I End and You Begin
Why Are You Fearful?
Still Life
Come Ruin and Rapture
Night Pretenders
It's a Cold Trail
The Love You Find in Hell
I Tell the Ancient Tale
Land of Strangers
Beyond Retrieval
Stolen Silence
The Weight of the World
Deadbeat II
God's Shadow on Earth
A Bolt Out of the Blues
Souls Lost
In Harm's Way
And Never the Twain...
Freedom's Captive
This Vale of Tears
The Ever Green Tree
Her Name Is Poverty
In Brightness
The Sweet Hereafter
A Failure at Liberty
Songs Over Ruins I
Forlorn Pt 2
Scintillate II
From Glory To Where