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Albums by this artist:

The Carnage
The Fall of Leaden Skies
Open Their Gates
Welcome to Reality
The Final Chapter
Reflect the Storm
Face Our Destiny
Battalion of Insanities
The Edge of Insanity
Forging Delusions
All Will Fall
Kingdom of Worms
Corrosion Of Souls
An Everlasting Dawn
Nocturnal Frags
Towards Humanity
Call me your God
Morbid Infection
The Black Incantation
Wrath on your Wound
Till the Last Drop
Field of Death
The Agony
My Empire
Scene of Crime
Carry On
Bury Your Dead
Stench of Misery
Mortal Reign
With Might and Main
A Breathing Soul
Shattering the Soil
Sins from the Past
Last of a Fading Kind
Scars of Wisdom
Torn by Hatred
Die in Vain (Bonus track)
Tear of My Throne [Bonus track] - re-recorded
Intro (Instrumental)
Torn By Hatred (Instrumental)
Tear of My Throne [Bonus track] (re-recorded)
Die In Vain
Tear Of My Throne (Re-Recorded)
A Morbid Vision (Bonus Track)
A Morbid Vision
The Path of Sorrow (feat. Tomas Lindberg) (Bonus Track)
The Path Of Sorrow