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Albums by this artist:

You Gotta Be
I'm Kissing You
Feel so High
Kissing You
Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo + Juliet)
What's Your Sign?
Crazy Maze
Best Days
God Only Knows
Darwin Star
Indigo Daisies
Proud To Be A Dread
You Gotta Be [1995]
I Ain't Movin'
Kissing You (Love Theme from Romeo & Juliet)
Down By The River
Little Child
Strong Enough
Living In The City
In My Dreams
It's Okay
Trip On Love
Herald The Day
Love Is Here
Life - Radio Edit
I'm Kissing You (Love Theme from "Romeo And Juliet") - Radio Edit
Kissing You (love theme from Romeo + Juliet) (instrumental)
Cool Morning
Doesn't Matter
Righteous Night
I Ain't Movin' (Percussion Reprise)
You Gotta Be (1994)
Mind Adventures
Nothing To Lose
Something Special
Love Beautiful
Why Should I Love You
Stand On My Own Ground
Average Man
Competitive World
Silent Hero
It's Okay - Stargate Radio Edit
Get A Life
Sun Of '79