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Roll To Me
Tell Her This
Nothing Ever Happens
Driving With The Brakes On
Always The Last To Know
Kiss This Thing Goodbye
Be My Downfall
Here And Now
Just Like A Man
Not Where It's At
Move Away Jimmy Blue
Stone Cold Sober
When You Were Young
Cry To Be Found
Don't Come Home Too Soon
Spit In The Rain
Some Other Sucker's Parade
Always The Last To Know - Single Mix
Crashing Down
This Side Of The Morning
Food For Songs
It Might As Well Be You
Surface Of The Moon
Start With Me
Being Somebody Else
When I Want You
The First Rule Of Love
One Thing Left To Do
Always The Last To Know - Dave Bascombe Single Mix
It's Never Too Late To Be Alone
Never Enough
Just Before You Leave
Roll To Me [1995]
Hatful Of Rain
I Won't Take The Blame
Opposite View
The Ones That You Love Lead You Nowhere
To Last A Lifetime
As Soon As The Tide Comes In
You're Gone
Sometimes I Just Have To Say Your Name
Behind The Fool
What I Think She Sees
Won't Make It Better
Hammering Heart
Out Falls The Past
Drunk In A Band
Buttons On My Clothes