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Albums by this artist:

Stripped to the Bone
Beneath the Remains
Entering My Yesterdays
Under the Blade
The Return of the Flesh
Thorns of a Black Rose
Fast Forward
Walking the Moons of Mars
Farewell to the Flesh
Metallic Warlust
Grind and Rewind
Abstinence for Turbulence
Chain Reaction
Proud to Be Dead
Eat the Meat Raw
The Iron and the Maiden
Under Destruction
Bulldozed (Back to Basic)
The Heat From Another Sun
Hand Over Fist
Reclaim the Beat
May the Flesh Be With You
Red Hot
Sons of Spellcraft & Starfalls
Mary Bloody Mary
Snowballing Blood
Ignorance Is Bliss
Wilder Than Fire
Over and Out
Curse the Gods
Cinderellas Return & Departure
Royal Straight Flesh
Speeding the Ways
Feed On The Fallen
Back for the Attack
Domination of the Sub-queen
Fire in the Soul
Blood Brigade
Pick Your Poison
Feeding Fatal Fairies
Beaten, Loved and Eaten
Dangerous When Dead
Lightning Strikes Thrice
With a Gambrel
In Chains and Leather