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Albums by this artist:

The Living Doorway
Reflection of Emotions
Diminishing Between Worlds
...And Time Begins
Dimensions Intertwine
The Enigmatic Form
(A Departure Of The Sun) Ignite The Tesla Coil
A Gathering of Imaginations
The Resonance
Through Alchemy Bound Eternal
Solar Impulse
Await the Unending
Essence of Creation
A Brief Odyssey In Time
Sea Of Memories
Condemned to Nothingness
Mirroring Dimensions
The Quickening Of Time
Prelude to the Apocalypse
The Morpheus Oracle (Outro)
Thought Beyond Infinity
Darkness Embrace
The Infestation
Rebirth of Consciousness
Shroud of Impurity
Concepting the Era
Of Genocide
Spirit Guide
Of Genocide (instrumental)
The Sacred Geometry
Transcendental Paradox
Epigenetic Triplicity
Mirror of Humanity
Vortex of Infinity…axis Mundi
Vortex of Infinity...Axis Mundi
Desperate Cry
Infecting the Crypts
See Through Dreams (DEATH Cover) (Bonus)
See Through Dreams (Death Cover)
Concepting the Era of Genocide
Vortex of Infinity&axis Mundi
(A Departure of the Sun) Ignit
... And Time Begins