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Albums by this artist:

Fading Survival
The Cemetary's Full
Experimenting With Failure
Futuristic Doom
Haunted Cerebellum
Shrieks from the Hearse
Decrepit Coma
Birth By Radiation
Psychedelic Warriors
Feasting On Skulls
The Kept
Skin Crawling Progress
The Premonition
The Silent Creature
Kindred Assembly
Fearless Undead Machines
A Witness to Suspiria
A Very Familiar Stranger
The Traumatic
From the Ground They Came
Dark Chilling Heartbeat
The Triangle
Night of the Deceased
Graphic Repulsion
Cloned (Day of the Robot)
Unwanted Memories
Morbid Shape in Black
Frozen Screams
Missing a Pulse
Craving Illness
A Visit From Dread
Beyond Science
In the Laboratory of Joyous Gloom
The Doll with the Hideous Spirit
Mysterious Research
The Hanging Soldier
The Blueprints for Madness
A Doom-Laden Aura
Dying in Analog
Mind Vampires
Island of the Unknown
The Psychic
Chambers of the Waiting Blind
Unhuman Drama
Elly's Dementia
The Creek of the Dead