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Albums by this artist:

Riding On The Wind
Blood For The Blood God
Back In Blood
Hard Rockin'
Lords Of Battle
Blood God Rising
Continue To Kill
Butcher Of Bitches
Chainsaw Masturbation
Praise The Blood God
Death Metal Maniac
Baptise This World In Blood
Masters Of The Killing Art
Torture Pit
Faith And Fire
Alcohol Fueled Brutality
Apostle Of War
Storm Of Iron
Let There Be Blood
King Of Killing
It Pleases Us To Kill
Worship The Violence
Death Metal Warmachine
I Will Rape And Murder
Zombie Blitzkrieg
Metal On Metal
Rage Of The Bloodbeast
Mincing Machine
Devourer Of Worlds
Vitality Of Decay
Armies Of Immortals
Weisses Fleisch
Debauchery Bloodpack
Primordial Annihilator
There Is Only War
Horrors Of War
Meat Grinder
Warmachines At War
Killing In The Warzone
Hordes Of Chaos
The Unbroken
Take My Pain
Carnival Carnage
Cult Of Gore