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Albums by this artist:

Serpent of the Deep
Napalm Satan
Graveyard Witchery
Chaos Wartech
Return of the Nemesis
Deathrash Legions
Venom Preacher
Lepra Lord
Panzer Holocaust
Morbid Mayhem
Valley of the Corpses
March of the Thousand Legions
Rabid Vultures
Poltergeist (The Nemesis)
Carnal Damage
Skeletal Claws
Deadmeat Disciples
Carrier of Pestilence
Pit of the Possessed
Hour of the Exorcist
In the Crypt of Vengeance
Cult of Death
Necrophiliac Lust
Titans of Black Earth
Sworn Beneath
Song of Chaos and the Void
Awaken... Horrors of this Earth
Storming the Death Gods
The Crawling Chaos
The Ancient and the Vile
Monolith of Death
Spheres of Blasphemy
Incantations of Shub-Niggurath
The Lion-Head
We Are Unearthed
Cthulhu Rising
Howling of the Blind
The Beyond
Voice of Sharur
Stele ov the Vultures
Our Lady Under The Earth
Seven Asakku Shadows
King Pazuzu
Like Worms Upon the Lands
Tiamat's Eyes of Death