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I Will Follow You Into The Dark
Soul Meets Body
Crooked Teeth
Marching Bands of Manhattan
Summer Skin
A Lack of Color
The Sound of Settling
Your Heart Is an Empty Room
Someday You Will Be Loved
Title and Registration
What Sarah Said
Brothers on a Hotel Bed
Different Names for the Same Thing
I Will Possess Your Heart
The New Year
Tiny Vessels
Stable Song
Passenger Seat
We Looked Like Giants
Grapevine Fires
Death of an Interior Decorator
No Sunlight
A Movie Script Ending
You Are a Tourist
Bixby Canyon Bridge
Your New Twin Sized Bed
The Ice Is Getting Thinner
Champagne From a Paper Cup
You Can Do Better Than Me
Talking Bird
Long Division
President of What?
Pity and Fear
We Laugh Indoors
Steadier Footing
I Was a Kaleidoscope
Blacking Out the Friction
Bend to Squares
Pictures in an Exhibition
Why You'd Want to Live Here
Styrofoam Plates
Coney Island
Information Travels Faster