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Albums by this artist:

What A Way To End It All
All Queued Up
Working Girls
Where's The Weekend?
Hi Jo Hi
Cocktails At 8
Don't Stop The World
2nd Honeymoon
Bigger Splash
Knock Knock Knocking
Get Set Ready Go
Final Act
Room Service
Nearly Moonlit Night Motel
Capaldi's Cafe
What A Jerk
Golden Showers
Everything For The Dancer
Hypertension Yeah Yeah Yeah
Rock Ferry
It's A Boy's World
What A Week
Morning After
I Wanna be Your Boy
Ding, Dong
English Boys (With Guns)
Ronnie Zamora (My Friend Ron)
Capaldi's Café
Last Night
Thunder and Lightning
Thunder & Lightning
What A Way To End It All (BBC Session)
O. Blow
All Queued Up (BBC Session)
Knock Knock Knocking (BBC Session)
Final Act (BBC Session)
Working Girls (BBC Session)
Tap To Snooze
Ronnie Zamora (My Friend Ron) (BBC Session)
What A Jerk (BBC Session)
Hypertention Yeah Yeah Yeah (BBC Session)
Capaldi's Cafe (BBC Session)
Bed & Breakfast