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Albums by this artist:

Horror Business
Doom Patrol
Pins and Needles
Die With Your Mask On
Baby Arm
Makeshift Atomsmasher
The Extremist
Nine Stitches
Riot Stairs
Crazy Eddie
Running With Scissors
Puny Human
John Dear
(Escape From) The Fake Clink
Turk 182
Human Pig
Free Mustache Rides
Angry Dwarf
Prosthetic Head
Police Story
Human pig/The extremist
Electric Funeral (Demo)
Hidden Track No. 6
Hidden Track
Prosthetic Head (Hidden )
Prosthetic head (hidden track)
Human Pig (Single Version)
Turk 182 (Single Version)
Free Mustache Rides (Single Version)
Hidden Track No. 6 (Single Version)
Angry Dwarf (Single Version)
Hidden Song No. 6
[Untitled Track]
Horror Business (Misfits Cover)
09- Apparatus
Prosthetic Head (the bonus track)
07- Pins and Needles
Deadguy - Horror Business
Human Pig - Single Version
07 - Nine Stitches
Turk 182 - Deadguy
no title
Police Story (Black Flag)
Live Song
Turk 182 - Single Version