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Albums by this artist:

Looking for a Place
Silver Gate
Vainy IX
Spiral of Time
Vainy XII
Dark Sadness
But You Are Not
Eyes Of Ice in Space
Our Dream
Because Of You
Amazing Planet
Tears of Sea
Vainy Lost
The Time to Dream
Star Universe
Erotic R&B
Subsea Flutes
Vainy VI
Rendered to You
Vainy XXII
In Meditation, Pt 1 & Pt. 2
Moment Of Gold
Light Came
Crystal World
Vainy XI
Stolen Dreams
Do Not Do It
Erotic Iv
After Seeing You
The Voice Of Silence
Rendered to You II
...And Now Where Are You
In Meditation
Relaxation For My Mind
The Return Of The Dark Days
Our Soul
Open Your Eyes
DonĀ“t Leave Me Alone
Lost Without His Love
The Waves Of Love & Tranquility
Voodoo Games
Kiss Betrayal
Alien Cry
I Deteriorated