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Firework (feat. David Choi)
By My Side
That Girl
Won't Even Start
Our Song
Always Hurt
Something to Believe
Missing Piece
I Can Get Used to This
This Is a Way
You Can Win
Better You
Hold On
Only You
Let Go
So Weightless
Don't Fade Away
A Dream
Deserve to Be
Thief in the Night
What Do You Know
Heaven's Ease
Amy Ave
This and That Is Life
Thinking About You
Underneath Your Love
Lucky Guy
Enjoy the View
The Way You Are
Can't Take This Away
Enjoy the View (Bonus Track)
When You're Single
Forever and Ever
You Were My Friend
Out of Tune
Bank Account
We're Supped to Be Happy
Womanizer (Cover)
Youtube (A Love Song)
I Choose Happiness
I'm Yours (Cover)
You and Me
We'll Make It Last All Afternoon
Viva La Vida (Cover)